10 Free Advertising Tips For Small Businesses With A Limited Budget

Ten free advertising tips for your business – solutions for small businesses with a limited budget.

Online advertising is the future of modern businesses.

If you are looking to increase your online presence, you will need to start to advertise your company. If you have a small company, you must be familiar with the difficulty of promoting your business with a limited budget.

Luckily, free advertising is not just a fairy tale! – We collected ten great ideas for you to advertise your business even if you have a small or no budget at all.

Moreover, by utilising these free advertising tactics, you can save some unnecessary costs and invest more in long term projects.

1. Google My Business

google my business free advertising method

Google has revealed that every third Google search has local intent, making Google My Business one of the best free tools for targeting local audiences.

Google My Business also helps customers to find your company by its location, and to find lots of useful information about your business, such as opening hours, photos, and the services or products your business offers.

Moreover, you can also link up your website, and social media channels to your Google My Business account to increase the overall traffic of your company.

2. Answer Quora Questions

quora free advertising method

Creating content for Quora can display your company to a broad audience. According to TechCrunch’s report, some of Quora’s active users get more than 1,000 daily views.

Additionally, you can interact with high-quality potential customers and establish yourself as a specialist in the subjects that are relevant in your industry.

3. Offer a no-obligation consultation


One of the best ways to show prospects your company’s value is offering a no-obligation free consultation. During the meeting, you can give some useful advice and ideas to the customer.

It can also be an advantage over competitors who do not provide the same service.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to encourage customers to choose your services to accomplish their purposes.

4. Encourage happy customers to leave online reviews


One of the best ways to promote your business is word of mouth. Potential consumers take into account other consumers’ opinions, mainly when they find a considerable amount of it.

Encourage your satisfied customers to share their experiences on popular platforms, such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google.

5. Post on social media

growing your instagram with hashtags

Social media is essential to modern businesses’ marketing strategies. Fortunately, the most popular social media platforms are free – also for companies.

Choose the platforms according to your target audience. Once you’ve found the proper social networks, create your accounts, and post photos, text, videos and links about your company or any event you would like to promote.

For most of the businesses, Facebook and LinkedIn are proper platforms to start with. You can share photos, videos or even link-based posts. Plus, they already have a great user base, so it’s easy to target and engage with your audience.

6. Optimise! – Search engine optimisation

responsive design it hub

One of our next free advertising tips is making use of SEO. You need to work on your site frequently, observing your statics and improving your site accordingly. You will also need to share new keyword-rich contents and work on backlinks.

7. Promote your website on your email signature

email signature free advertising

Email signatures are excellent tools to advertise your company on a low budget. The vast amount of emails you and your employees send to your potential customers every day, provide you with an unexpectedly useful advertising possibility.

Generally, an email signature includes personal information for each employee. However, with an additional banner, you can also promote your contests, new blog posts, and sales in your email signature. Attach your website’s link to increase the traffic on your site.

8. Publish content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn business profile

LinkedIn is a popular social network, ideal for connecting with professionals; thus, this is an exceptional platform to share content related to your industry.

Linkedin’s blogging platform allows you to demonstrate your expertise in the field of your business.

Besides, nearly half of LinkedIn’s traffic comes from B2B business sites. Don’t miss the opportunity to promote and publish content on this social media network.

9. Send email newsletters

There are several benefits of sending newsletters to your audience: you can share news about your business and even promote your content.

There are loads of free tools out there which can help you in sending, designing and optimising your newsletter.

10. Create YouTube videos

youtube free advertising

While Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook could be great platforms at the beginning, expanding to Youtube offers more opportunity to inform and engage your audience.

With more than a billion active users, Youtube is the largest video sharing platform on the internet.

Besides, 57 per cent of the users go first to videos before written content. It means that it’s worth investing time and energy to create a Youtube channel for your company.


Nowadays, online advertising is indispensable for modern businesses. Even if you have a limited budget, you can still try some of our tips to boost your company’s presence felt on the internet.

By using these free advertising tips, you can avoid some nonessential costs and spend more on long term plans.

If you have any questions or are looking for a team of experts in online advertising, look no further and give us a call today!

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