Why You And Your Employees Should Use A Gmail Signature

The importance of having a great business Gmail signature for your company.

An email signature has the role of a business card. To display the business and to do it in a compelling and easy to digest way. It provides information about the company, and the best way to connect with the person in the business card, in this case, the email signature.

What is a Gmail signature used for?

Gmail, as one of the primary email services used by most businesses and teams from all over the world, allows the users to append a business card to the footer of their emails.

For that, a well-designed email signature in Gmail allows your employees to interact with candidates, contacts, and potential customers. Each message your team sends out via email contains essential information about your company. Moreover, it is an excellent tool for branding as it reinforces and establishes who your company is and what it does.

Branding wise, a creative Gmail signature design can represent your company’s brand in an instance. By using the right brand colours, fonts, and text, you can convey not just personal information for each employee, such as name, phone number and title but also the values your brand stands for.

With Gmail, creating your email signature is a bit complicated. It requires a bit of HTML knowledge, but there are free tools out there that can help you create an HTML signature and embed it to your Gmail account.

Elements of a Gmail signature

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The first and most crucial element on a Gmail signature should be the name. Of course, you introduce yourself in every email, but you still need to have your full name in your signature as it looks much more professional.

Company name

The second component you must-have on a Gmail signature is the company’s name. Some email addresses already contain the company’s name, but a professional email signature must include it, nevertheless. Even better, a pro signature has the company name and a logo next to it.

Job title

Your job title should also appear in your Gmail signature. If you’re the boss, a salesperson or a marketer, you have to let the reader know exactly what your position and role is within the company.

Contact information

The next step is to add your contact details, including your email address and your phone number. Yes, it might sound unnecessary to add your email address in your signature as you’re emailing people. However, by having your email in your signature, customers can click on it and reply immediately, regardless of the device they use.

Company website

Having the company’s website in your signature is also another fantastic opportunity to drive effortless traffic to your business website. Let them see who you are and what you do, all for free.

Social media links

gmail social media links

The same info applies to social media platforms. If your company has social media accounts, you must add buttons for each of them into your Gmail signature. As such, the reader has the option to access your social media and follow your latest updates.

Promo banner

Some Gmail signatures contain promo banners and advertisements. It could relate to upcoming events, new products, or some highly relevant content to your company. Here you can also mix and match different banners for different audiences. Gmail signature banners are small elements that can offer limitless marketing and targeting opportunities so you should have one.

PDF links

Same as above in the case of banners, you can always link, in your Gmail signature, to a downloadable PDF document. That PDF can be the latest pricing list, a promo of your company and its services, or a showcase of some case studies relevant to the client you’re engaging with.


In the case of banners and PDF’s, it is essential to understand that their constant updating and modification will impact the way your signature looks and how other email providers perceive it. There were situations where good looking email signatures were flagged as spam just because the link in the email signature was no longer pointing to a PDF but a dead end. So, for safety and signature quality, make sure you know what you’re doing or get a professional to deal with it.

What size should your Gmail signature be?

gmail signature size

When you consider the size of the Gmail signature, you should take into account the number of lines you need for information, and the size of the banner you’re going to place on your signature. The best is to keep it simple; we recommend no more than seven lines for the signature, but that again depends on all the above elements.

Advantages that professional Gmail signature can provide you

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What is the most beneficial result from creating an email signature and utilising it across the whole company? Well, as each of your employees has a similar Gmail signature, of course, professionally customised, that uniformity alone allows you to represent your company professionally!

Every component in the signature, from company and employee information to your call-to-action, should match your company’s image and overall brand.

All emails sent out by you or your employees to your audience must display your company’s signature. So you have to make sure every email generates a uniform image and a positive impression.


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It is not necessary but imperative to have an email signature, especially if you run a company. We are living in an endless technological revolution – if you want your business to keep up with your competitors, you need to move along with all the new trends.

A proper Gmail signature not only gives your company a more professional appearance, but it also helps you build brand awareness around your business, increase the traffic on your website and your social media platforms, and thus, generate more clients and more sales.

However, if you have any further questions, or you want a professional HTML email signature for you and your employee, without all the hassle described above, contact us today for a free consultation. Or, even better, visit us at the office, the coffee’s on us!

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