10 Essential Strategies For Growing Your Instagram Followers

10 Essential Tips And Tricks For Growing Your Instagram Followers

Running and promoting a business online can be complicated, especially now in the digital era. Some tools work, some that do not, and for that, we’re here to help. We’ve put together these ten critical steps especially designed to get your business noticed by more customers.

With over a billion active users every month, from whom sixty-eight per cent use the app daily – when comparing the digital media assets a business can use – Instagram is one of the best brand awareness tools.

Moreover, Instagram can be used as a selling tool, as over eighty-one per cent of people on Instagram follow at least one company account. But let’s see how to make sure you use Instagram to benefit your brand.

The first step to increase your visibility is to start improving your post engagement – likes, comments, and that’s where this guide becomes helpful.

Rather than starting from scratch, we’ve compiled ten great hacks and strategies to help you win the engagements, minds, and heart of your Instagram followers.

1. Engage, comment and respond

growing your instagram engagement

By commenting on influencers’ photos, you’ll drive more traffic to your Insta and business page. Your comments will appear for most of their followers, who’ll view your post and your comments, and in return, you will get lots of followers and positive feedback.

When we talk about comments, make sure you connect and reply to people that like your comments, either on others’ or on all of your Insta props.

When you have followers, likes, and comments in the very first hour of your post, Instagram’s algorithm is designed to bestow your props to your audience immediately.

2. Explore new audiences with relevant hashtags

growing your instagram with hashtags

Discover new followers and audiences using hashtags in stories. After you’ve added relevant hashtags in your Insta stories, make sure you also monitor their reach via the ‘Insights’ tool, to see how many users have found your Insta acc from a given story you’ve published.

Brands create over 75 per cent of Instagram hashtags, for fast recognition, also called branded hashtags. This, in fact, is a superb occasion to get your name out there! Make sure to use attractive hashtags and be up-to-date about trending topics.

3. Share the stories you love the most

growing your instagram stories

Add a story about those that mentioned you in their stories. When someone tags you in their Insta, you’ll have to quickly can capitalise on their mention and show your appreciation by reposting their account to yours.

You’ll see a special warning once a user tags you in its stories. Access that warning note, then click on ‘Add This to Your Story’. Once done, you can customise and add extra stickers, GIFs, and further text to their story, but in your own story. It’s an in-story caption.

4. Add your Instagram feed to your business site

growing your instagram feed

With a simple and free plugin, you can add your Instagram feed to your website. As a result, you’ll gain a lot of website visitors from your Insta and any other social media accounts you have. Also, the plugin allows you to display your latest content from Instagram to your business site.

Another way to attach your Instagram posts to your website is via Instagram’s native code. But, if you want a different look of your Instagram feed,  there are several free plugins you can choose from, just google free Instagram plugin.

5. Preview your 'Story' before you post

growing your instagram preview

Always make sure you test your Instagram stories, right before you post them online. While editing, at the bottom you will see all the photos you’ve picked, and you can edit each photo separately. You’ll see a preview of your story (stories) before you post them online. When it’s ready, post and then add them to your stories.

This trick is remarkably useful when you are thinking to launch new merchandise or if you are about to release a new announcement that includes a lot of text. It will prevent you from create and edit Insta images in as you go, in real-time, or while you review them!

6. Try the newest features of Instagram

growing your instagram features

Instagram continually adds new options that let you improve your stories. Elements such as the Slide Bar, SuperZoom, Polls, Questions, and Music, are extra features that allow you to engage with your audience, and have fun with stories.

Also, you can use Polls and Questions to ask and engage your followers, finally finding out what they want more, or answer their questions in Q&A style.

7. Add links in story highlights

growing your instagram links

With Insta, you can only share one link in your bio. However, you can put ‘unlimited’ (not entirely true, but you’ll see what I mean later) links in your Instagram Story Highlights, right under your bio.

If you have many pages you want to link out to, direct visitors to your Story Highlight to gain access, and get them to take action.

Also, try linking to specific pages on your website, current promotions or podcast episodes using story highlights, and get more business coverage with each post.

8. Find your perfect time for posting

growing your instagram time

Try sharing contents at different times of the day. The idea is to find out which hours are the best for your audience. Each brand’s followers are unique, from different parts of the world, so you must start with various benchmarks and tests that show you how to best use your Instagram.

In time, you’ll get a more tailored Instagram feed, as a result of several testing times and content, that will lead to creating an individualised posting plan for your followers.

9. Promote posts with your stories


Let your audience know when you have a new post with publishing in stories as over four hundred million users access global Instagram stories every day.

Lead your audience to the fantastic content you have on your account via well-placed stories. Use stickers, GIFs, text or anything else to draw attention to your post announcements.

10. Tag them to get them

social media

This is, by far, one of the most potent tips; Always tag some of the most popular influencers (that is, they have plenty of followers), when you mention them in your posts.

Getting discovered by an influencer account that has an extensive network of followers will quickly increase your audience and business engagements. You would like your audience to speak and post about you or your brand, don’t you? Similarly, celebrities also love seeing fans posting and tagging them in their photos.

By tagging them, you’re leading your followers to their accounts. In this way, the relationship becomes profitable to you both, just make sure you tag similar labels that overlap with your crowd and followers.

As a result, influencers or related brands will seek to collaborate with your Insta account. When a brand follows you back, make sure you continue to build the connection via direct message asking to work together.


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There are many social media platforms you can use to engage and promote yourself or your business. Engagement is a crucial factor to first purchases, follow up brand loyalty, and investments so as a final word of advice, make sure you design a social profile that reflects your company’s purposes.

Right now, given the number of followers, age span, and coverage, Instagram is a social media platform you must be on! The above ten tips will help you increase engagement and conversion on Instagram while growing a loyal follower group at the same time.

However, if you find dealing with Instagram complicated, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation, or visit us at the office, the coffee’s on us!

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