10 Ways LinkedIn Can Help With Your Online Business Profile

10 Ways LinkedIn Can Help With Your Online Business Profile

With new social networks launching and changing constantly, LinkedIn is often underrated and underutilised. However, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks, with more than 650 million active users. Moreover, LinkedIn, as a network, works great for business marketing, given the type of users it has.

Despite not getting the much awareness it deserves, LinkedIn can be pretty powerful in growing your online business profile, especially when you know how to use all its hidden features.

What is LinkedIn, and how is it useful for business?

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When it was launched, LinkedIn was more of a networking and connections building centre. Nowadays, the platform allows for more than connecting and sharing content with other professionals, colleagues, and business partners, as it has become the home of career and business advertising.

LinkedIn works by marketing your business to potential customers, and by allowing you to get insights about your competitors. LinkedIn marketing is the method of using the platform to produce leads, make connections, share content, foster business relationships and partnerships, drive more traffic to your website, and gain more customers.

LinkedIn has become an essential part of a successful business’ marketing strategies because it can be beneficial in expanding professional networks. When you use LinkedIn to promote your company, you’ll get access to more valuable features such as connections, analytics, and brand-building tools.

Now let’s see the ways to improve your LinkedIn business profile to gain more followers, traffic and business.

1. Upload a background photo to your profile

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In 2014, LinkedIn rolled out the ability for users to upload background photo to their profile. Adding a background picture gives your business profile more personality, professionality and makes it more friendly.

Choose your photo carefully, as LinkedIn is a professional social network.

2. Optimise your LinkedIn business profile

Make your LinkedIn business profile more accessible with SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO is not only for your blog, website, or forum.

You can also optimise your LinkedIn business profile by adding key phrases related to your company. Add these keywords to your summary, headline or even to your posts.

3. Drive traffic with embedded links

You can attach links to your LinkedIn profile to increase clicks and traffic to your business and anywhere else you want to draw more considerable attention.

For instance, if you have a business website with interesting topics, you can add blog links to your feed to lead the traffic to your professional website.

4. Find out who's visited your LinkedIn business profile

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Check your visitors with the ‘Who Viewed Your Profile’ feature. With this tool, you can learn about your customers and audience members. It also lets you identify who is viewing your profile according to the marketing content you’ve shared on LinkedIn.

5. Make your LinkedIn profile recognisable

Your LinkedIn business profile needs to be identifiable. It means that your visitors should be able to recognise you, at the moment they look at your page and profile.

Your profile’s name, headline and other critical identifiers should be easily viewable to any user.

Make sure any digital content is matching with any other marketing sites you own.

6. Add other social media accounts to your LinkedIn profile

You can promote your LinkedIn business profile and the content you share on the platform by adding a ‘LinkedIn Company Follow Button’ to other SM platforms and websites.

As your visitors click the button via your business website, they’ll soon be able to access your LinkedIn page, view and follow your company’s latest updates.

Similarly, making connections with other social media platforms is an excellent way to improve your engagement and the number of connections. It lets you drive more traffic, directly from your website to your LinkedIn business profile and back.

7. Customise your LinkedIn profile look

You can design your LinkedIn business profile in many different ways.

One of the best and easiest is to set your page up correctly and optimise it according to the latest layout designs.

Choose a compelling and high-quality background photo, and make sure you add graphic elements that represent what you do.

8. Join LinkedIn Groups

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LinkedIn groups are excellent to get in contact with people who are interested in or already work in your industry.

These groups work as a hub for you and all other members with similar interests. You can share content, improve brand awareness, grow a contact list and establish you as an expert in that particular landscape.

9. Post business status updates

Consistently publish new content and status updates on your LinkedIn business profile. It allows for your followers to keep up with what you do, and for your connections to remain engaged with the latest developments, work and updates.

In your status updates, you can share written briefs, videos, documents, images and more, just make sure these are business-related only.

10. Analyse your LinkedIn business profile's marketing performance

Last but not least, always analyse your marketing efforts. This step is essential to understand what works and whatnot and to keep building your success on LinkedIn.

With well-detailed pages of crucial analytics and reporting tools, LinkedIn is excellent to understand your business and how efficient your status updates, numbers of reach, engagements, and followers are.


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Are you ready to become famous on LinkedIn? Still unsure? Well, give us a call today and let us help you start marketing your LinkedIn business profile. We hold the keys to the best methods to grow your business to a significant position in your industry.

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