Modern Web Design – 8 Key Elements To Keep Your Website Trendy

Using modern web design elements on your website is the easiest way to gain an advantage over your competitors. Moreover, an up to date website will also gain your customers’ trust. Find out the elements you should focus on.

Web design is continually evolving. It changes year by year to fit the needs of modern audiences. In web design, if a trend was very popular in the past, it does not mean it won’t go out of style a few months later.

However, it can be challenging to determine what kind of web changes are worth considering. To help you achieve maximum effect with minimum input, we’ve collected eight essential modern web design elements you can update right now.

Hamburger menus

modern web design hamburger menu

Though having a long menu of options helps visitors navigate with ease, this type of menu takes up a lot of valuable screen space.

The modern web design’s solution to the long menu problem is the hamburger style, also known as the hidden menu.

Removing the busy navigation list from the page makes the user experience distraction-free and cleaner. Equally, your visitors are more likely to stay on your website till they find the information that they were looking for.

White spaces

white space in web design

We are surrounded by a lot of information in today’s online world. As a result, in modern web design, the layout must be clear and easy to navigate. The key here is to find the required information with ease.

Whether you have a blog or an e-commerce website, make sure it always has white spaces to make your site balanced and to ease the readability.

Plus, it helps to direct your visitors from one page to the other. Besides, the concept of white spaces is an essential modern web design element that makes your website look uncluttered and clean, designed to deliver information fast, aim that your visitors will appreciate.

Unique and large typography

the importance of typography in sites

Most online businesses have unique fonts. Fonts are used not only to give better readability but also to help the audiences recognise the brand versus their competitors.

Over the past few years, the number of free custom fonts has grown a lot. Modern designers can choose from a wider variety of fonts that allows them to express the brand image more accurately.

To choose the proper typography for your company, you have to start by determining your company’s image. Decide if it is serious or fun, informational or functional, and so on.

After that, you have to make sure that most compatible web browsers and computers support the font you choose. If you select a font that is not compatible with standard browsers or computers, your website might look distorted on distinctive devices.

Hero images and banners

hero images

Another prevalent element in modern website design is the large hero image. According to Google Trends, this trend has been continuously increasing over the past years.

Hero images are substantially large banners relating to the brand image or the content of the page. Usually, these images are placed on the top of the web page.

The combination of a well-designed hero image and a well-crafted marketing message will convey your brand image to your website visitors and helps you to establish a positive relationship with your audience.

Giant product images

giant product images ecommerce

You might have seen that many e-commerce websites are starting to use large product photos to highlight various parts or features of their product.

Usually, there is a large, high-quality image of the product on the top of the page, and as you scroll down, there is more information and in-depth images.

Why is it advantageous? Because larger product images will highlight the product features more efficiently, and thus, reinforce the most valuable elements of that product.

Responsive design

responsive modern web design

Today, responsive design is an essential part of every modern website design. The responsive design presents various benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, SEO gains and flexibility.

Your website needs to be readable and enjoyable across several devices as you can’t predict what kind of device visitors will use to browse on your website.

Moreover, responsive design can improve your website’s appearance on different devices, and increase the user experience.

Featured videos

featured videos about us pages

Video content is currently the most desired form of content. Cashing in on this opportunity is unquestionably an excellent option to make your website modern.

Video contents are the most attractive form of content, and they have a significant influence on visitors’ first impression. A short video of the service you provide or the product you offer makes the web page come alive.

Moreover, as videos are meant to display a specific feature or highlight a particular use case, it can also improve the overall user’s experience.

Card design

modern web design - card design

As Pinterest started to become more popular, marketers and designers began to show interest as well in card designs. Cards can help – visually – in the information distribution.

It means that users can consume more content without being overwhelmed. By partitioning various pieces of content into cards, designers help visitors to select and decide which article they want to read.

Moreover, the card style helps tremendously in keeping the pages easier to navigate and more organised.


Modern Web Design - 8 Key Elements To Keep Your Website Trendy

If you own an online business, you should consider your website more like an investment than an expense. If well looked after, the expenses will return within a given period of time, be that in more traffic or customer orders.

Just like the Internet, the web design evolves too. You need to keep your website design fresh as modern audiences require modern web design solutions.

However, knowing what’s trendy or how to update your website might be challenging for you. That’s why we are always here to help, so feel free to give us a call today, to arrange a free consultation. The coffee’s on us!

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