Why Smart SEO Is Critical To Building A Successful Online Business

Why Smart SEO Is Critical To Building A Successful Online Business

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is the process of optimising your website, intending to increase the number of visitors to your business website. When done correctly, the SEO will increase your ranking on search engines such as Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft’s Bing.

Research shows that websites and businesses ranking on the first page of Google get approximately 95 per cent of all clicks and purchasers interest. Equally, the top three websites on the search engine’s first page receive a far better CTR (click-through rate) compared to the majority of traffic.

As consumers would rather trust a site that is on the top of the results page, rather than brands on the following pages, smart SEO is a paramount tool in increasing the global brand awareness around your business. 

Difference Between SEO And Paid Ads

smart seo vs paid ads

However, it is essential to understand that while SEO can generate longer-term results, it takes time to build up. Smart SEO works by concentrating on quality content creation, keyword enhancement, link building, and so much more.

Another form of smart SEO is the ‘paid ads’ on a search engine. These can deliver more traffic at the beginning as it pushes your website page up automatically to the top the ranking list. 

Paid Ads also function by focusing on search engine marketing which includes pay-per-click advertising and paid related marketing.

Significance Of SEO Strategy To An Online Business

seo strategy

With a well-developed smart SEO strategy, business owners can optimise their website to rank above other listings in all the search engines results. Smart SEO can also bring more potential customers and brand recognition and to detail on them; there are two main parts of the SEO strategy: On-page SEO and off-page SEO. 

The on-page SEO is composed of website elements such as content, keywords and meta title & description. In contrast, the off-page SEO components are those tools that can be used outside of the site, for instance, social media, backlinks and online directories.

How Can Smart SEO Promote Your Business

If you are not that familiar with SEO, you’re most likely used for advertising using more traditional ways such as flyers, newspaper advertisements, and other paid local ads. However, all of these approaches will cost you a lot of money, with little return on investment.

On the other hand, optimising your website for SEO is a free way of promoting your business online. Optimising your website might take more time in the beginning, but it will prove to be farther more effective in long-term, with excellent results.

Three Ways SEO Will Improve Your Business.

1. Smart SEO will increase your e-commerce sales

smart seo ecommerce

In the UK, 16.5% of retail sales are coming from e-commerce platforms. From these numbers, 32% of the sales are being recorded on Amazon. As a result, there are still millions of competitors trying to obtain a share of the rest of the market. 

Optimising your website for SEO can increase the number of your e-commerce sales. If your website offer services or products, you need to fill up your content with keywords to make your platform more accessible. 

SEO keywords are words and phrases in content which increase the visibility of a website to users of web search engines. The best keywords are referring to your brand and products. There are different programmes accessible via google, which can rate the keywords by their popularity. It is not recommended to use too competitive or broad phrases since it will take a long time to achieve high rankings. The most effective keywords have a lower volume but still highly relevant such as long-tail keywords and phrases.

But what was the reason for long-tail keyword appearance, and what does it mean?

The number of Internet users had grown by 332 million since January 2015, meaning that billions of new content have been published since then. Thus, short keywords had become too broad. When more than three keywords used in a search, it is called a long-tail keyword. As a result, users started to refine their searches by adding more details about what they are precisely looking for. 

2. Smart SEO can build awareness around your brand

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Branding is the process of creating a unique name and image for a business, product or service in the consumers’ mind, mostly via off-page SEO activities. Despite being an essential component to create a successful SEO campaign, branding is usually underestimated.

In the case of any online business, be that a well established one or a startup, branding can expedite the contact and engagement with new costumers. 

It’s easier to engage with a well-known brand than a new one. For instance, you decided to buy a new laptop, and you found two models with similar features and similar prices. One of them is an Apple device, and the other one belongs to a brand you’ve never seen before.

Although the physical specs are very similar, you are more likely to choose the brand you already know, in this case, the Apple device. That happens because your subconscious is deciding on your behalf. As you know that Apple has higher authority in the electronics field, you expect better value for money.

Similarly, favourable SEO ranking on search engines creates a trustworthy reputation for your brand and helps you gain customers trust easier than competitors. As a result, your business can achieve authority in the field you offer your services or products, more customers, more sales, and faster growth.

3. SEO helps you target your customer needs

Most of the online searches are starting with ‘How to’, ‘What is’ or sometimes with specific long-tail keywords. It’s worth to do researches to understand what your potential costumers are searching for when they need the services or products you provide.

If you can understand or even better anticipate your customers’ needs, you can dive them deeper to your website. Satisfying customer needs is essential to have a long-term relationship with them. Every interaction is a chance to reinforce the company’s existence in their mind and build a new relationship. 

Smart SEO is critical to give you an extensive advantage over your competitors. For instance, there are two businesses, running e-commerce websites with the same products and comparable prices. However, even if the prices are similar, the optimised product is more likely to generate more business than the competitor.

That is because of the higher rankings on a search engine result pages, the more visitors will find it, and the more will purchase, assuming it is relevant to them.

There is also a link between SEO and user experience. SEO has experienced significant changes over the last 15 years. When the early SEO appeared, it was quickly discovered that search results could be manipulated by repeating target keywords in the content.

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In response, search engines released several changes with powerful algorithm updates, changing the factors based on which websites were ranked. Search engines are now using data-driven elements to deem how relevant your website is to a search query.

These elements include extra key factors such as the usability and the quality of your web interface. That is how nice your website looks and how easy it is to use it. And this is the precise point where the UX, (User Experience) comes into play.

The process of creating a meaningful and relevant experience to users is called user experience design. UX design is including the design, the usability and the whole process of how to offer a product or service.

UX design not only can put your website above other listings in the search engines results, but visitors are more likely to stay longer on your website. If they are browsing your platform longer, there is more chance to buy your product or even service. Moreover, UX and SEO go hand in hand.


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In conclusion, a smart SEO strategy is paramount to increase the traffic on your website. Also, SEO will improve your e-commerce sales, build brand consciousness around your business, and give you that critical edge over your competitors, so much needed in growing the number of customers and sales.

Finally, SEO work requires a great deal of time and dedication. Yet, dedicated teams of experts, like our team here at the IT Hub will prove that the time and costs are worth it. Give our SEO experts a call today for a free consultation; the coffee’s on us! 

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