What Is Web Design? – A Concise Explanation

Web Design Oxfordshire – What Is Web Design? A Concise Explanation

Believe it or not, one of the most asked questions coming from our clients is, what is web design. In straightforward terms, the process of building an online presence for a person or a company is called ‘web design’.

However, web design is a bit more than that. The overall process of ‘web design’ encompasses various phases and numerous elements. In most cases, web design starts with a thorough understanding of what the client needs.

The next part of the web design is the drafting of the first webpage, followed by the design of the website layout. Then, the content of the website is produced. That includes text, photos, logos, media, and other types of graphic elements. Finally, when all the ingredients are put together, the website is ready.

Web Development Or Web Design?

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In the world of web design, multiple words can seem similar or confusing. For example, the terms of web development and web design are used interchangeably to describe the process of building a web site.

However, web design can be seen as a part of the more general category of web development. First, the elements of the website are developed, then put together in a uniform design.

For a website to be seen by computers, it must be built in a computer language called HTML. The person that web designs a website is called a web designer.

For a web designer to be able to build the pages of a website – also called webpage – he must understand a computer language called HTML. This language allows the designer to define and place critical elements and content, in the right web site locations, as metadata on each page of the website.


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When the web designer places a lot of HTML elements on web design, an overall website appearance starts to emerge. The constructed presentation is defined as the layout of the website, and it is present on every page of the website.

The website layout is usually determined via CSS, or cascading style sheets. Thus, any website resulting from the operation of web design is a complex compound of CSS and HTML code that is reflected by how each website page appears in a web browser.

Now, there are many WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tools that a designer can use to web design more comfortable and faster, such as the Dreamweaver software designed by Adobe. 

The existence of a visual interface dictates the preference of such tools. In the process of web design, such as the webpage layout, the WYSIWYG software generates all the required HTML and CSS code.

What Are WordPress And Joomla?

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More recently, websites are pre-produced with the help of web-based service provider platforms or CMS, such as WordPress or Joomla. Each platform has a wide range of predefined templates that are used as starting points for new websites. The only web design part here is the simple customisation of the layout, via a web browser. 

In such a case, to web design a website, the web designer does not need to understand the HTML language.

Custom Web Design In Oxfordshire

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Most of the experienced web designers – as it is the case with our team here at the IT Hub – will always ‘hand-code’. Hand-coding is the process of creating web pages by typing the required HTML and CSS from scratch.

Moreover, while most templates providers allow designers access to free photos, in the case of designing their HTML and CSS codes, a good web designer chooses to create own graphic elements separately (logos, pics, etc) in a process called graphic design.

Most people get confused by the usage of graphic design in the context of web design, often using them in the same meaning. However, they are two very distinct services. Web design is the process described above, which includes a lot of steps, while graphic design is a part of it. As seen above, a web site is web designed by a web designer, where graphic design can be created by both a graphic designer or by a web site designer.

Most web designers ‘create’ new images by modifying content found on the web. The strategy is simple, but not very useful from a quality and SEO ranking point of view. That is why an experienced graphic designer is always preferred to design fresh and relevant visual elements for new websites.

Premium Web Design Services In Oxfordshire

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IT Hub Bicester is the number one web design Oxfordshire agency with over 30 years of combined expertise in impressive web design. All of our web design creations are built on solid marketing principles, made from scratch, search engine optimisation (SEO) compatible, and infused with a personality to deliver the best conversion rates.

Good web design Oxfordshire practices are critical if you want your brands to stand out from the competition. More than that, as websites contain more than graphic and web design elements, to make an impact online, you need a designer that understands SEO, web optimisation, digital marketing.

If you want to know more about web design Oxfordshire, feel free to get in touch with us right now.

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