Web Designer vs Wix vs Yell – Read This Before You Choose

Web Designer vs Wix vs Yellow Pages (Yell) – Make an informed and accurate decision.

Most of our customers ask the same question: Why should I get a web designer to create a custom website when I can choose an already made one by Yell, or, even better, build it myself with Wix? Or, simply put, why would a local web designer be better than automated platforms such as WIX or big organisations such as Yell.

Well, before we answer, let’s have a bit of history on both companies, Wix and Yell, their construct, offering, and what you’re getting for the money. Moreover, to make it easier, we are going to look at Wix and Yell web design services in comparison with the services of a dedicated web design agency or a local web designer.

Why Has Wix Grown So Fast?

Wix has gained massive popularity over the recent years, thanks to millions of investor’s money poured into their marketing campaigns. Wix ‘do it yourself’ adverts are flooding the market intending to create this image of Wix is the best choice when it comes to web design.

Furthermore, Wix web design marketing adverts are created to give the consumer (read potential buyer) the impression that everyone can build a website with ease. On the other hand, Yell, the company, is trying to survive. Almost like a dying dinosaur, following its collapse of paper advertising services, Yell is desperately looking for new streams of revenue.

Why Has Yell Been Left Behind?

The company has changed course, seeking to advertise online now, and, as an adjacent service, offer its clients websites. However, what hasn’t changed at Yell is their aggressive way of marketing their services, inherited from the days of the now-defunct, Yellow Pages catalogues.

True to the company’s name, an army of agents will call local businesses obsessively, in their attempts to sell various packages of already made template websites, paired with advertising services on their own platform.

Comparison Of The Three Services - Which One Is The Best?

Let’s break both businesses down, step by step, and then we compare their offerings with a local website design company or, in our case, the services of a web designer.


Wix is a website building platform, arguably designed for beginners and non-coders. In simple steps, you’ll have to purchase a monthly account with them. Then, you can start playing around with dragging pictures, graphic elements, writing your text, in an attempt to put together something that might resemble a website to you.

Bear in mind, you’re not a web designer, so if after fooling around for a day or two, you have that feeling that your website doesn’t look right, you’re right. But, there’s no one to blame but you as to Wix, you either don’t know how to use their tools, you lack imagination or, you didn’t put enough work into it.

Let’s fast forward a bit. Three months down the line after finishing the website, you’ve started pumping money into Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and other specialist SEO services. However, your website rankings are still not good enough and no sign of potential customers. Of course, without a proper website designed with SEO in mind you won’t be able to take your business to the next level. You can’t compare a local web designer or web agency services with automatic tools that only care if you’re paying your monthly fee.

Yell Web Design Services

Yell, on the other hand, sells pre designed website templates as custom websites. Yell’s designers will charge you a hefty fee to modify the text and add your pics on a predefined template and sell it to you at a premium pricing. And, to make it sweeter, they’ll pair it up with ‘discounted’ advertising on their own platform, yell.com, who nobody uses anyway.

Speaking of business advertising on the yell portal, any decent web designer will tell you to stay away from it. Think about it for a second. Yell is a website on google. Your business can be directly on google, just like Yell, or, advertised on Yell, who advertises you on Google.

Why Is The Yell Portal Worthless?

what is web design meeting

Let me detail on that a bit. Imagine you’re looking for a boiler repair service in your area. First thing you’ll do is go on google and search for “boiler repairs”. Or, even a bit more specific, “boiler repair services near me“.

Google then finds the most relevant and close to you provider, according to your search terms (boiler, repair, services) and lists them one by one. Fast, instant, best results. You’re not going to search for “local boiler repair in Oxford”, ignore several pages of results until you find a Yell link and click on it. It is nonsensical. And yet, people are still falling for this yell tactic under the pressure of their selling agents.

Why Is A Local Web Designer A Better Solution?

So, what does a local web agency or a web designer bring different than Wix and Yell? Where do they stand in comparison to Wix and Yell’s services, when it comes to specialist websites? First and foremost, a local web design agency must start with a proper understanding of its client.

One by one, each client seeking a website must be treated as it is. Like a unique entity, with their own values, attributes, needs, and expectations. This approach alone ensures client satisfaction. 

Your website is not a playground ‘built’ by you, but a serious website platform that represents your brand with success, globally, on the internet. Your website is not just another template modified by a Yell salesman, but a custom-made and unique website, created to give your company the power to voice the values that it stands for, all over the internet.

Google SEO - How To Be On Top?

Finally, we all agree that Google is the most powerful and relevant search engine in the world. However, to achieve such an impressive feat, as you can imagine, Google’s team of experts had to put in place some intelligent rules and algorithms.

Those rules are ensuring that cheap template websites and poorly self-made sites are never reaching the top of their search. Thus, no matter how many things your Yell salesman promises you, or how much tempted you are to try your hands at web design after seeing a Wix advert, remember that you’ll never reach the first page on google, no matter how hard you try. 

Get In Touch With A Local Web Designer

Now, before you have a go at me and dismiss the words of a web designer, bear in mind, my opinion comes from a place of many years of web design, software development, and awarded SEO expertise. And to prove it, I invite you to visit us today, for a free consultation with me or my colleagues, where we can prove every single statement, word by word, at no cost to you. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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